Notes on 1940 Census

Click here to see how to use the 1940 census

Click on the links on their page to learn how to find someone in the 1940 census.

Indexing will take several months, no microfilms were made, all info will be online. You will need an ED number and address to find people in the 1940 census until the indexes are prepared. To find those, use city directories, telephone books (Philadelphia has all) or maps. Check out this site of old maps of Philadelphia

Even more help at Steve Morse's site

NEW questions asked on the 1940 census:
#14: Highest grade of school completed
#15: If foreign born, name of country of birth as of Jan 1, 1937
#17: Where residing on April 1 1935 (town, county, state)
21-33: Unemployment history
, including income in 1939

  Look at a list of questions on the 1940 census HERE

Thanks to Jefferson Moak for this excellent talk.