2007 Past Speakers Main Line Genealogy Club

1/11/07 Marilyn Toole "Time Lines"
2/8/07 Heather Bolander-Smith, NARA "German Immigration"
3/8/07 TenBroeck, Sproat, Toole "Online Books"
4/12/07 Jane E. Dorchester "Land Records"
5/8/07 Ken Blazier "Writing Your Family History"
6/14/07 Craig and Marilyn: Workshop
7/12/07 Craig, Marilyn: Workshop
8/9/07 Kathleen Ashbey, FHC, "Ancestry.com"
9/13/07 Kathleen Ashbey, FHC, "FamilySearch.org"
10/11/07 Kathleen Ashbey, FHC "Databases"
11/8/07 Kathleen Ashbey, FHC "Organizing your Data"
12/13/07 Kathleen, FHC "Notes and Sources"


FHC: Family History Center, Broomall, PA
NARA: National Archives and Records Administration, Atlantic Region