2009 Past Speakers, Main Line Genealogy Club

1/08/09 Jackie Heitmann, "Heritage Makers"

2/12/09 Marilyn Toole
"Creating Timelines"

Jefferson Moak, PA "Genealogy from Court Records"

David Haugaard, HSP. "How to Add Some Biography to your Genealogy"

5/14/09 Jane Davidson,
local architectural historian, writer and researcher.

6/11/09 Jim Beidler, author and lecturer, "Palatines to America" (There are no notes for this program.)

Wayne Burton, Family History Center in Broomall PA "Improvements in FamilySearch.org

8/13/09 John Weaber "Using Roots Magic"

9/10/09 Carolyn Ginther and Marilyn Toole, "Improving Your Search Straegies"

10/8/09 James Beidler,
"Success Story: Finding a European Village of Origin"

11/12/09 Sandra Hewlett, CG "Collecting Since 1892, – The Resources of GSP"

12/10/09 Jefferson Moak, NARA, "Researching Your Revolutionary Ancestors  in Philadelphia". 

(Click on underlined titles above for notes)

HSP: Historical Society of Pennsylvania
PA: Philadelphia Archives
CG: Certified Genealogist
GSP: Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania
NARA: National Archives and Records Administration (Mid-Atlantic Region)