2013 Past Speakers

Jan:  "Show and Tell" Susan Hedrick, presenter

Jim Bartlett, Family Finder DNA testing service
  DNA Comparison chart
  Using FTDNA, 23&Me, and Ancestry DNA for Autosomal DNA
  DNA Testing for Genealogists

Mar: Immigration: Gail Cappelli

Apr: Bruce Arnold: Scottish Genealogy

May: Sandi Hewlett: English Research

June: Susan Hedrick: Brick Walls

September: Cheryl Bittner: Who do YOU think you are? Contact Cheryl at cherylbittner@gmail.com for handout of this program.

October: Gail Cappelli: "Researching in Great Britain"

November: Bruce Arnold: "Researching Your New England Ancestry" (notes mailed to all on mailing list)

December: Kim Bucklaw, Chester County Archives: "Geographic timelines Part I: 18th century rural genealogy. Geographic timelines         Part II, 19th and 20thcentury Urban Genealogy."

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