Directions for Web page:

Copy web page files from my dropbox (connection sent June 22, 2016 to Cheryl and Ted) "MLGC" to a file called "MLGC" as a subdirectory on your C drive OR you can copy them from the server (on filezilla) and put them on your "C" drive.

Download "microsoft Expression web 4" or similiar web page editor

Download Filezilla: this is the platform our site manager Wally Urbansavage uses. This is needed to transfer the files you have edited to the server.

User name is MToole, password NLshops

Before you upload files, make SURE you click on Public, genealogy, to upload files as we share the site with

Contact Wally at

(We pay him annually for help, so this won't cost)

You can also transfer the site to a free one, such as google, but you won't get the help.

You will not be able to connect at first, so you will need to get a new IP address. (It is location sensitive) Just google "ip address" and copy the numbers you get and email them to Wally. He will change it for you. Also, sometimes the IP address changes and you will not be able to connect. Repeat above.

Always use .gif for photos and clip art

I find clip art on google images. put "free clip art" in front of the photo you are looking for, like this: free clip art trees, or whatever art you are looking for.

Check the links on all pages periodically to see if any are broken.

On the page that lists planning committee, (pastspeakers) change my name to yours for contact for broken links.

If you have a page that won't upload correctly, such as a page with a picture on it that just comes up "x" instead of the picture, check the name of the file. If it looks someting like this:

c:\mlgc\leaf.gif change it to leaf.gif and upload it again.