Michael Lacopo, D.V. M.


"Methods for Identifying the German Origins

 of American Immigrants"

Three basic groups of immigrants from Germany:

1608--to Virginia, then to New York and south to Pennsylvania

Late 17th century and early 18th to Pennsylvania (See "Pennsylvania German Pioneers", Strassburger & Hinke, online.

The last group came to the mid-west and to big cities in the early 19th century. (Over 5 million)

Before you begin your research you must study the history and geography of Germany.

THEN do your American homework: research every available record about your family, especially German newspapers. Don't forget relatives and neighbors, also fellow ships' passengers.


Be sure to check
Church records, immigration, naturalization (send for the complete record to Washington, DC), journals, wills, military records, bibles, vitals, deeds, letters,

Online sites:



The Ancestor Master Card Index of the German People

Dictionary of German Names (Edda Gentry)

German Language Press of the Americas 1732-1968, History and bibliography

Institute for Palatinate History and Folklife Studies

Family History Library