Notes on Sydney Cruice Dixon and Bill Nicholls presentation

Resources of the Chursch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The available resources within the Valley Forge History Center located in Broomall, Pa include free access to various online genealogical sites and collections of microfilm, fiche, research CDs and a good selection of books. This center is open Tuesday and Wednesday 9-1:30, Thursday from 7PM to 9PM and Saturday 9:30 to 2:30PM. Other visits may be arranged upon request.

There are five locations for the LDS history centers near by: Broomall , West Phila., Center city Phila, Wilmington, Delaware, and Reading. The phone number for general questions in Salt Lake City is: 866-406-1830. The web page is

The website offers an enormous amount of information as the LDS repository is the largest in the world. One can “travel” in your home and slippers if desired! Copies of documents may be obtained online. A thorough review of the family search web site was presented. Family Search Web Site offers digitized records and books, catalogs, a Learning Center and discussion forums, family trees, a blog, free software, other products, and research assistance. One can initiate conversations through the forum. They offer an opportunity for volunteering in indexing records for future use. There are numerous courses offered. Microfilms may be ordered on line and sent to the local history center for your research. They are kept there for two months and then are returned to the main library. The volunteers at the center can assist if you are having difficultly.

There will soon be a new site to access other trees., similar to the current but free. You can put in your pedigree chart and search for connections as in Ancestry. There is little citing of evidence of documentation, so it is important to determine the actual source of complete accuracy of the findings. Elizabeth Shoen Mills has written several books on this subject. 1) “Evidence” and 2) “Cite Your Sources”.

The slides from the presentation were not put into the website as they are proprietary .

Sydney Cruice Dixon has established a business offering genealogy research, consulting, and speaking. Her website is Phone: 610-993-0504