"Writing and Storing Your Personal Stories for Your Descendants"

Have you been so engrossed in finding your ancestors that you have neglected writing about your own life? If you don't write those stories down and store it in a safe place, your descendants will change your stories until there is only a grain of truth in them.

Ask yourself:

What are the stories you like to tell?

What stories do your friends and family like to hear?

What stories do you think your descendants would like to know?

Include stories about your life, your possessions, your relationships, challenges, important experiences, likes, dislikes, personality through those stories.


Take a memoir writing class to learn to bring your stories ALIVE. You want your descendants to read it, not put it down after a few pages.

Every storage medium has its pros and cons. Consider putting your work in the cloud, and use your name and the names of your ancestors in the meta data so it can be easily found. You can scan in your writing, photos, videos, etc. I made scrapbooks with stories and put them in a blog.

Get your family involved if you are challenged for ideas or technology. That will also increase interest in your work.


Some sites that will help you with this project are listed below.

Google page on writing your memoirs