Using FTDNA, 23&Me and AncestryDNA for autosomal DNA (atDNA)

Family Finder: LogIn from using Kit# and Password
Select Family Finder TAB on top row; scroll down to Pages with 6 links:
Matches: List match names, date, Relationships, shared cM (all segments), Longest cM; Surnames
Over names, see Relations: Close and Immediate – Change to Show All Matches (or New Since)
Also see Name: and Ancestral Surnames: which are search boxes; click on FILTER to find
Under each name see Icons: Email, Notes, Tree, Other DNA tests, etc; Click on Tree Icon
GEDCOM page: change Levels 4 to ALL; hover over name to see DOB/DOD & Places
Bottom Right of list; select other pages; also DOWNLOAD Match/email list to Excel
Chromosome Browser: click on Tutorial; note total number of matches on Filter Bar
Click on up to 5 boxes to see segments on graphic
Click on any person to see them or the shared segments
DOWNLOAD: Click on Download to Excel (bottom right) to save in spreadsheet
Clear Compare List, to select another group of 5.
Download Raw Data: click to DOWNLOAD files (upload at
Select My Account TAB on top row; click Personal Profile; at Surnames: Upload Family Tree

23&Me: LogIn from using email and password; See TABS, subTABs on left
Select Relative Finder – see your name and Match names; total # in upper right
Info on each Match: cousinship, % DNA shared; # of segments; Locations, Surnames, Haplogroups
Select # per page; Sort relationship: various choices, including most recent first
Click: Send an Introduction: 1000 character limit; I replace their message, with mine
[my name, email, links to trees, plea to contact me and share info] click send
Some are Public Matches: Click Send a Message; paste in your message and send
Bottom left: select DOWNLOAD Results for spreadsheet with all info on these RF pages
Select Inbox – see list of messages from Matches; Click on name or message title to see message string;
In message, click on name to see member profile (about same info as on RF page)
Select Ancestry Labs; then on Ancestry Finder; wait for graphic. See geographic country chart
Under chart, click on Download…Ancestry Finder matches; click open and view/save spreadsheet
Spreadsheet: Col A= Match name (most Anonymous); J=Chr#; K=Start; L=Stop; N=cM Size
[Sort on J and K: this arranges segments from 1st on Chr01 to last on ChrX
Above chart, click on your name to see spreadsheets for others, with you in them=> Triangulation

AncestryDNA: LogIn from w/user name and password; Click on DNA Tab on top line
Select View Your DNA Results – see genetic ethnicity pie chart and map; read tabs on ethnicity
See AncestryDNA Member Match; Change Filter by; Relationship Range or Sort by if desired
Default is Close relationships, then more distant groups; 99% to 96% to lower
See Picture (some), Ancestry UserName, Cousinship; # people in Tree (Lock=private)
Blue dot means not reviewed; you may select gold star; Click on Review
Member Match page: Ethnicity Comparison; Shared Surnames box; Full Tree Link
Select Pedigree and Surname (usually) or Map and Locations; select Pedigree:
Click on each surname in Shared Surnames box to compare yours and theirs
If you use the skeleton Tree, you have to click on each name form more info.
I usually then go to their real Ancestry Tree and search the Pedigree there
If you & Match enter Common Ancestor the same, then AncestryDNA draws the chart/glewis
Back at the Member Match page, click on Send Message, to communicate with the Match

There is no DOWNLOAD capability – of names, contact info, or any DNA data (raw data promised in early 2013; but no promise of segment data)

NOODLE around each site for more utilities, etc.