The Main Line Genealogy Club began as a Special Interest Group of the Main
Line MacIntosh Users Group. The first mention of the group was in a 2001
newsletter, but it wasn’t until the following year that the club actually formed.
Craig TenBroeck and Mimi Connelly were the initial leaders and those first
meetings were held at Mimi’s house. There were also several occasions where we
met at the Quadrangle Retirement Home as we had several people who resided
there. There were usually about 6-8 attendees for the first several months as we
were limited to MacIntosh users. We soon realized, however, that we were
interested in genealogy and the computer platform used was not important. We
decided to open up the meetings to anyone interested in genealogy and started to
advertise in the local papers. Sometime in the early months of 2003, Mimi made
arrangements with the Easttown Library & Information Center for a room where
we could hold our monthly meetings. Initially, our meetings were workshops
where we got together to discuss genealogy problems and how to solve them. We
soon realized that there were many people in the area who were very
knowledgeable in many genealogy areas and we could benefit from their
knowledge so we started to invite speakers for these monthly Thursday meetings.
Our first speaker was Herbert Zearfoss, the President of the Pennsylvania
Genealogical Society. Since then we have been fortunate to have a speaker almost
every month and they have added immensely to our genealogy knowledge. We
have had several speakers from the National Archives and Records Administration
(NARA), Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and the Chester County Archives, as
well as speakers who teach genealogy courses or have businesses in the field. The
Main Line Genealogy Club now meets monthly on the second Thursday at 1 PM to
approximately 3 PM at the Easttown Library & Information Center, located at 720
First Avenue, in Berwyn. Please join us.
CT/HCS  01/08

CT/HCS 6/5/2006;2/1/07