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Sue Long

"Making History Come Alive With Stories"

 "It was a dark night and as the man hurried down the country lane he spotted something. . ."

Doesn't that catch your attention? As genealogists we pile up names and dates and places, but we sometimes forget to look for the stories that add interest and color. I recently spent a year studying Thomas Holme's 1685 map of Pennsylvania. The best part about the project was finding stories about the people on the map. Murder, theft, fornication, misbehaving Quakers,  foul deeds and wagging tongues--great stuff. I will tell you some of the best stories from that project and add stories from my own family through the 1800s, like the one about the dark night on the country lane, and will include sources, to give you ideas on how to find stories about your own family.

About Sue Long - Sue is currently on her third career. She started as an experimental psychologist and got a PhD from Cornell in 1975. After taking time out to have a family, she went back to work as a computer teacher and technology coordinator for a school district. She retired in 2008 which gave her time to go back to family history and genealogy. She is currently in the process of writing up her family research, publishing the results on a blog and in narratives on Ancestry. She enjoys sharing stories and has given talks about the Holme map project at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.


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