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Thursday, December 14 1:00 pm


Unloading Pictures, Documents and Sharing Information (GEDcoms)

We all use, but how many of us use it to itsí full potential? Uploading photographs and personal family documents to can make your family tree come to life. However, it can be confusing when you have not done it before. We will discuss the ways you can enhance your family tree on so it will be more personal and interesting to you and other family members. We will go through the Media uploading process step by step. Also, we will discuss how to use GEDcoms so you can share your family tree with other people. 

Sydney F. Cruice Dixon - Biography

Sydney F. Cruice Dixon is a genealogy researcher, lecturer and teacher in the Philadelphia and Tristate area.  She holds an MBA from Drexel University and a BA from Penn State University.  She is the current President of the Greater Philadelphia Area Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists. She has been actively involved in genealogy research since 1995.  She conducts research for clients and coaching for those clients who prefer to do their own family research.  She is a member of the faculty for the Researching Family in Pennsylvania Institute and she developed the curriculum and teaches the Foundations of Genealogy courses at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.  Also, Sydney serves on Genealogy Advisory Committee for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and on the Planning Committee of the Main Line Genealogy Club.


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